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Need Child Care? 2-1-1 Simplifies Your Search

Child Care

Need Child Care?  2-1-1 Simplifies Your Search

 Dial 2-1-1 from any phone for referrals to licensed childcare providers near your home, school or work.  You may also search online at . Assure your child’s time in care is safe and happy by reviewing these five areas before making your child care decision   .

·         Licensed providers adhere to state guidelines of care. Look for a license posted in plain view.  Read it and check the dates.  

·         Look for a clean, well-lit, attractive space designed for children where safety measures are obvious.

·         A well-planned program has a daily schedule that includes playtime, learning time, child teacher interaction and rest time. 

·         The employees are patient, attentive and engaged with the child in a quality facility.  An appropriate staff to child ratio ensures that the physical safety and emotional needs of the child is a priority.

·         The best childcare provider for your family complements your parenting style.  Ask to see the menu, rules and disciplinary procedures before making your final decision.


Posted on 8/8/2011

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