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“I Gotta Have my Stuff”—Hoarding Conference Spurs Additional Action

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“I Gotta Have my Stuff”—Hoarding Conference Spurs Additional Action

The Dallas Area Agency on Agency co-sponsored the first conference on hoarding with City of Dallas on May 24, attracting so many social workers, people with hoarding disorder and others interested in the topic that organizers had to turn people away. The conference included an overview of hoarding and the people it affects, a psychological overview, and a panel consisting of the City of Dallas, Dallas Code Compliance, Dallas Fire & Rescue, Dallas Code Compliance Animal Services Division, and Adult Protective Services speaking and answering questions. Due to response, another conference will be scheduled in the near future.

Forty people signed up to form a Dallas-area task force to help coordinate resources among various agencies, non-profits and medical and mental health organizations. The task force will meet at Mental Health of America 624 N. Good-Latimer Expressway 75204, located near downtown on the DART Green Line. Contact

One of the first objectives will be to set up a hoarders support group, led by peers who can offer emotional support, share ways to change behaviors and help each other make some changes. Anyone interested in the task force, the support group or future conferences on hoarding can call Constance Smith, at the Dallas Office of Senior Affairs, 214-670-5709,

For more information on hoarding, check the Hoarding Center posted by the International OCD Foundation. For background on the Dallas conference, visit View the Dallas Morning News story on the conference:

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Posted on 5/30/11