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Hoarding? Mark Second and Fourth Tuesdays on Your Calendar

Hoarding drawing by Hoarder

Hoarding?  Mark Second and Fourth Tuesdays on Your Calendar

Overwhelmed by stuff?   Does it pose a health, safety, or fire hazard? Get help now. Join the Hoarding Task Force/Hoarding & Cluttering Support Group.

Introducing the Hoarding Taskforce of Greater Dallas …


     · To educate and support professionals and other interested people in the area of hoarding and related disorders


     · To inform the community at large of the particular aspects pertaining to hoarding and those affected by this disorder

Free Membership:

Open to professionals and other interested people

Goals & Objectives:

     · To develop support Groups in the Dallas Metroplex


     · To organize and provide public education about hoarding, interventions, service agency information dissemination, and training


Hoarding Taskforce

Date:   4th Tuesday of every month

Time:   11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Hoarding & Cluttering Support Group

Dates:       2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month

Time:        10– 11:15 am

Location of Taskforce & Support Group:  

Mental Health of America, 624 N. Good-Latimer, Dallas 75204

(214-871-2420, ext. 118)

Stay tuned for details on upcoming conference on hoarding.

Posted On: 1/30/12
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