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Food For Thought


Food For Thought
What does it take to touch the heart of  2-1-1 call specialist Rosie? The answer is a special request from a consumer needing a food pantry that will accept boxes of cereal. The caller explained that she was recently watching a T.V. commercial stating that cereal is a great “brain booster “ for children to start their day, especially on test days. The caller was eight years old and had passed her spelling test. She said she “owed it all to eating her favorite cereal that morning.” Excited, she decided to collect boxes of cereal and share her secret to success with less fortunate children in her community.

You can see why the call touched the call specialist’s heart Rosie and made her think about giving back to her community. It’s the simple, kind gestures in life that often get us motivated to do good for others—definitely something to think about! An average day for a 2-1-1 call specialist includes providing hundreds of referrals to consumers in need of a variety of social services.

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Posted on 5/9/11