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Enjoy Healthier Eating for the Holidays

Healthier Holiday Eating

Enjoy Healthier Eating for the Holidays

The Community Youth Development Program works to improve the health and nutrition habits of our youth. Everyone can enjoy healthier food choices without sacrificing taste during the holidays. Simple substitutions can lower saturated fat and calories in your traditional favorites. Add herbs and spices instead of salt to enhance flavor.

Here are some easy, healthy holiday tips:

         Use fat-free or low-fat milk instead of whole milk.

         Use an equal amount of applesauce to replace oil in baking.

         To reduce cholesterol, two egg whites equal one whole egg.

         For ground beef, use the extra lean variety, less than 10 percent fat, or substitute ground turkey, which has less saturated fat.

         Small recipe changes likely will not be noticed:

o       Reduce sugar and fat by one-third in recipes

o       Omit salt or reduce by one-half

o       Substitute whole grain and bran flours for half of the all-purpose flour


Small changes add up to make a big difference in overall health and healthy habits.
For more healthy ideas:  Heart Healthy Home Cooking African American Style the US Dept of Health and Human Services and Altering Recipes for Good Health by  Texas A&M’s AgriLIFE Extension Service.

Posted On 11/21/11

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