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Renaissance community development corporation (RCDC) provides life skills training to youth that live or attend school in zip code 75217. The summer program sponsored by RCDC got off to a great start at the new Pleasant Grove Branch Public Library on Saturday, June 4th, in tandem with the mayor’s summer reading program. More than 2000 individuals attended and more than sixty teens were exposed to core concepts of the life skills training program.

Youth in the program acquire life skills training through four components-socio-cultural responsibility, hospitality and food services, financial literacy, and economic enhancement. The last component enables students that successfully complete the program to qualify for a paid internship with our business partner McDonald’s. Once they start working and earning a pay check they have a completely different attitude toward life and school.

The program helps to deter juvenile delinquency and decrease the high school dropout rate. This training also affords students an opportunity to make a smooth transition from high school to college with some work experience.

Questions abound regarding what programs are viable in economically challenged neighborhoods, but we know teen employment opportunities with training works.

The Community Youth Development program, funded by the Department of Family and Protective Services, supports RCDC.


Posted on 7/11/2011

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