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Doing Daily Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

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Doing Daily Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Coach Robley Cash of the Lowe Elementary School spends four afternoons a week leading activities designed to get kids and their parents more active.  During any week, his activities attract 60 persons, many attending multiple days per week.

Lowe Elementary Fitness Club makes it a snap for kids and parents to achieve the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity.  Families in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood (75231) enjoy a varied weekly after school activity schedule, including basketball, dance, jump roping and individual and team sports.

Cash says, “Our biggest goal is to promote wellness and fitness for kids and their parents.” Day care is provided for younger siblings, and outreach worker Blanca Lerma, actively works with families to explain healthier lifestyles and to encourage participation.

“The kids love to participate and hang out with their friends after school,” says Cash. However, he points out that everyone can incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.  He says, “You don’t need a gym, just a little space.”

What’s next?  Cash says plans for additional activities, and a monthly dietary class are being explored. The Lowe Fitness Club will also promote a summer activity program in June.

As a participant in the Texas! Bringing Healthy Back initiative, the Community Council’s Vickery is Active program partners with Vickery Meadow schools to pump up physical activity and prevent obesity.  For more information, contact

Posted On: 1/30/12
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