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Be a Good Leader – Be Curious

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Be a Good Leader – Be Curious

Ask what a person looks for in a leader and the typical responses range from a person of integrity to a person that has an open door policy.  But have you ever thought of having a leader that was curious?  Curious about themselves, those around them, or the services they offer and how to provide them.  This was an unconventional characteristic of a leader discovered through participation in the Leadership Institute of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a).

Tammi Steward-Smith from the Dallas Area Agency on Aging participated in the National Aging Leadership Institute in 2010.  She says, “Thinking about the future and looking for opportunities to enhance your professional leadership or that of your staff?  Consider attending the n4a Leadership Institute.  This institute hones your personal leadership skills to help move n4a forward.”

Graduating participants join pre-selected teams and prepare and present class/team projects at the following year’s n4a Conference and Tradeshow. Tammi’s team project created a Leadership Institute Alumni Exchange website that allows past and future graduating classes to get connected, stay connected, and share innovative ideas and subject matter for continued professional development.  It also provides information on the Institute, graduates’ areas of expertise, and powerful testimony on the benefits and experiences of attending the Institute. The team presented the Alumni Exchange at n4a’s 36th Annual Conference and Tradeshow on July 19 in Washington, DC.  Areas of the website are still under construction, but are available for viewing at

The n4a Leadership Institute is offered by and available to n4a members.  Held annually, the n4a Leadership Institute provides active participation in one’s own discovery through simple, yet powerful exercises.  Attendees will be prepared for heightened challenges and opportunities in meeting the diverse needs of our nation’s changing aging population.

Posted on 7/25/11

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