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The Community Council of Greater Dallas serves the community by providing leadership in:
  • Determining priority issues solutions in the human services arena
  • Convening partners to significantly impact service delivery
  • Increasing awareness of and access to services


The Community Council of Greater Dallas is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Greater Dallas, enabling each individual to achieve his or her full potential.

Strategic Goals Lead High Priority Issues

  • Serve as a neutral convener
  • Conduct research into emergency and current issues
  • Provide advocacy on issues within Council’s mission



Impact the delivery of services and their accessibility to


  • Provide the highest quality direct services
  • Subcontract for highest quality direct services
  • Communicate a wide variety of information to service providers and the public
  • Create and offer publications to connect people to services and raise awareness



Exemplify financial stability and good stewardship of resources


  • Provide excellence in internal financial stability and accountability
  • Serve as an incubator for new services & organizations
  • Coordinates nonprofit group insurance