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SCOPE OF SERVICES Aging Information Office


Service Description

The project will assist consumers, caregivers and professionals working with older persons in accessing health and human service resources. This will be accomplished by providing telephone information, referral and assistance and educational opportunities.

This project consists of activities such as assessing the needs of the inquirer, evaluating appropriate resources, assessing appropriate response modes, indicating organizations capable of meeting those needs, providing enough information about each organization to help inquirers make an informed choice, helping inquirers for whom services are unavailable by locating alternative resources, when necessary, actively participating in linking the inquirer to needed services, and following up on referrals to ensure the service was provided.

This project is also responsible for the annual update and publication of the Aging Information Directory and Caregivers Guide.


Special RFP Requirements

  • Provide an overview of your system for determining appropriate inquiries for and making referrals to the Dallas Area Agency on Aging.
(1,000 character limit, text)

  • Explain how an IR&A request is tracked, from initial inquiry through follow-up contacts, to determine whether the caller’s needs were met and services accessed. Include a description of how the determination for a follow-up call is made

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In Program Narrative:

  • Training plan overview provided as your response to Program Narrative item C.2.d. must include: Orientation of new staff, Benefits Counseling basics, aging services, and in-house referral procedures, as well as plans for any staff seeking/maintaining CIRS/CIRS-A certifications.

As an attachment:

  • Provide a copy of the provider agency’s AIRS accreditation

    Service Category: Information, Referral and Assistance

    Unit of Service: One contact – record one contact for every communication with or on the behalf of an eligible individual, regardless of the type of contact (initial, follow-up, accessing services). Counts of initial and follow-up contacts must be collected and reported separately.

    Texas Administrative Code(s): Rules 83.3
    Title 40, Part 1


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