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Dallas Area Agency on Aging Service Contractor Application
Legal Notice- Procurement of Services by Dallas Area Agency on Aging

The Dallas Area Agency on Aging of the Community Council of Greater Dallas seeks applications from qualified entities to provide Respite Care, Personal Assistance, Homemaker, Chore Maintenance, Health Maintenance, Legal Assistance, Nutritional Consultation, Residential Repair, and Transportation in Dallas County, Texas. Contact:, 214-954-4219


Deadline Date/Time - There is no deadline. DAAA accepts service contractor applications at any time during this year.


Materials for Reference:
Direct Purchase of Service Information
FY17 Service Definitions
FY17 Checklist of Service Contractor Application
Focal Points in Dallas County


__ Direct Purchase of Service Application
__ Vendor Agreement
__ W-9 Form - Taxpayer Identification Number
__ Standard Assurances
__ Debarment Certification
__ Lobbying Certification
__ Non-Conflict of Interest Form
__ Data Use Agreement- Attachment 1. Subcontractor Agreement Form
__ Attachment B - Proposed Pricing for Commonly Used Items (Health Maintenance applicants must complete)
__ Child Support Certification (Required of for-profit contractors only)



Contact Information

Marilyn Self, Director, Dallas Area Agency on Aging
Community Council of Greater Dallas
1341 W Mockingbird Ln. Suite 1000W, Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: 214-871-5065 Ext. 219 or 214-954-4219